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MultiPlan's Analytics-Based Services

Analytics-Based ServicesTaking cues from the data to customize solutions for out-of-network healthcare cost management
    Balance Out-of-Network Savings and Member Service
    Patented, Consistent and TransparentValidated by statisticians as effective and fair, Data iSight delivers deep savings on non-contracted claims/bills with wide provider acceptance
    • Uses geographically adjusted, publicly-available cost and reimbursement data 
    • Online explanations for providers, payers and patients
    • Integrated provider inquiry and patient advocacy programs
    Traditional Pricing for Traditional PlansOur Viant pricing service offers time-honored methodologies for reducing out-of-network facility costs
    • Outpatient pricing using usual and customary charges
    • Inpatient pricing using cost-to-charge ratios
    • Uses geographically adjusted, publicly-available data
    Savings With No Balance BillingSophisticated financial benchmarks drive agreements that hold the patient harmless against provider balance billing
    • 300 negotiators and support staff
    • Turnaround in 3.2 days on average
    • Portal and fax options for provider response and signoff
Flexibility at its Best

Economic forces move the pendulum between maximizing healthcare savings and satisfying health plan members. MultiPlan offers a range of data analytics-driven healthcare cost management services that can be arranged and combined to help you strike the right balance not only today, but also when the pendulum shifts tomorrow.

A Better Reference for Pricing

There is a growing trend among healthcare payers to base reimbursement for non-contracted claims on Medicare reimbursement rates, under the name of Reference-Based Pricing. The problem is, Medicare is not only a flawed valuation for many healthcare services, but it also can deliver unintended consequences. The better measure is one that more directly ties to a provider’s own costs.

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Unique Position, Different ApproachMultiPlan's data analytics-driven healthcare cost management services work in concert with — or in place of — healthcare provider networks so you can align your strategies to fit the current economy. Do you need help preparing for the next pendulum shift? Learn more